15 February 1997, demonstration against President Sali Barisha in Vier
The young Danish photojournalist Joachim Ladefoged (29) won two major World Press Photo Awards in the 1997 contest with his report on Albania

18 February 1997, in Tirana, the capital, many people are forced to survive on rubbish. Some even live on this dump outside the city
19 February 1997, President Sali Barisha makes a speech in the University Square in Tirana
11 April 1997, police returned to the streets of Vlora to patrol the streets again. They had been forced out of the city in January
    3 November 1997, women in Krékés mourn for Faslli Veisllari who was killed by a stray bullet. He was the first of more than 200 people to lose his life during the civil unrest in the city of Berat